Chesapeake Sleep Dentist | Sleep Deprivation and Relationships

glen burnie childrens sleep apnea dentistSleep disorders can cause a person to wake feeling as if they have not slept. If you experience chronic sleep deprivation, your health can be significantly impacted. Lack of sleep makes it difficult for your body to repair itself. In addition to cognitive impairment, reduced feelings of happiness, and a lower overall quality of life, sleep deprivation can impact your ability to exercise the patience necessary to maintain healthy relationships with others.

According to Psychology Today, your face has a harder time forming happy expressions when you’re tired, and your voice has less positive affect. This can negatively impact your relationships. When you feel worn down and appear to be expressing unhappy emotions, it can be difficult to connect in a positive manner to your spouse, children, friends and coworkers.

Sleep deprivation, which is often caused by OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), takes a physical and emotional toll. If you’ve had symptoms of depression or chronic fatigue and also experience restless nights, consider scheduling a sleep evaluation.

Minor to moderate cases of sleep apnea can often be treated with a custom-fitted oral appliance. This oral appliance can comfortably open your airway, allowing better breathing for more restful sleep. Don’t let sleep deprivation take its toll on your health and your relationships. Contact us today to learn more about sleep apnea therapy and to schedule a consultation.