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Sleep apnea is a relatively common condition in which sufferers stop breathing multiple times throughout the night because of an obstruction in their airways. The blockage can cause sleep apnea sufferers to snore too-and poor sleep quality and snoring affect more than just how you feel the next day. Many sleep apnea patients report damage to their relationships. Read on to discover four reasons why.

1. Disturbing your partner’s sleep.

People who snore as a consequence of sleep apnea don’t do so lightly. Loud, chronic snoring is associated with this condition—the kind that can wake someone up one room away. If you’re sawing loud logs night after night, your partner probably doesn’t sleep much. Perhaps they have moved to a room in another part of the house to escape the noise. In spite of this, research shows that sleeping in the same bed as your partner has numerous benefits, such as decreased stress.

2. After a long night, you’re both grumpy.

Say your partner didn’t move into the next room to escape your snores, so they were awake for hours on end. People with sleep apnea can stop breathing and briefly awaken hundreds of times throughout the night, even if they don’t notice. It means you’ll both wake up groggy and not feeling great—and you’re likely to bring that negative energy into your relationship as well. As a result of inadequate sleep, you may have trouble regulating your emotions, causing you to lash out at your partner over things that you wouldn’t normally do.

3. Not Seeking Treatment

Another way sleep apnea can affect a relationship is if the sufferer knows he or she has a problem but refuses to take action. Have you ever considered the possibility that your dentist may be able to assist you in getting diagnosed and treated? They are the experts in all things related to your mouth, so they are the ones to consult for snoring and sleep issues.

4. Not receiving the appropriate treatment for sleep apnea

Finally, you may have sought treatment but have not found the right solution. For a long time, CPAP machines, or masks worn over the mouth during sleep, were the most common solution for snoring and sleep apnea. It is, however, a very loud and unattractive machine. With today’s sleep apnea treatments, you and your partner can both get the rest you need each night while sleeping in the same bed.

Consider seeing your dentist if any of these resonate with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. It is time to get some relief for you and your partner!

Our sleep apnea office is dedicated to helping patients overcome sleep apnea and enjoy uninterrupted sleep once again. Contact us today to schedule your sleep apnea consultation.

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