Sleep Apnea Dentist | Can Sleep Apnea Ruin Your Relationship?

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If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, other aspects of your life may take a turn for the worse. Sleep disorders can negatively impact your energy levels, concentration, focus, memory, processing skills, and even your emotional composure. Lack of sleep can damage a person’s physical and emotional well-being, eventually jeopardizing the stability of their personal and professional lives.

Sleep apnea is a unique sleep disorder. Not only does it affect the person who can’t sleep; it impacts the people sleeping nearby. If your partner has sleep apnea, you’ll have to endure their snoring all night long. In especially severe cases, you may be up every night of the week. If left unchecked, a scenario like this can begin to complicate the relationship itself.

Built-Up Frustration

Not only do people with sleep apnea snore, they also breathe heavily, gasp for air, and even wake up frequently throughout the night. These disturbances can fray the nerves of those within earshot. When your partner suffers from sleep apnea, you may feel frustrated that their condition is negatively affecting your sleep and your general well-being.

Lack of Intimate Relations

Unfortunately, sleep apnea does more than keep people from sleeping. Studies have found it strongly correlates to sexual and erectile dysfunction. One study found that out of 401 men with sleep apnea, nearly 70 percent also experienced erectile dysfunction. Another study, by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that middle-aged women with the condition reported much higher levels of sexual dysfunction. Diminished intimacy can, of course, put enormous strain on an otherwise satisfying relationship. That’s one strong reason to seek help.

Weakened Communication

If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, you may find yourself fatigued, foggy, and unfocused during the day. This can leave you less than fully present with your significant other. People may experience more negative dialogue, impatience, and weaker lines of communication. Most people agree that the most important aspect of a successful relationship is healthy communication. If you and your partner are suffering both physically and mentally due to sleep apnea, the relationship will certainly struggle.

Our Glen Burnie dentist at Chesapeake Sleep Center can help you overcome sleep apnea and the symptoms that come with it. Don’t let your most important relationship struggle when solutions are out there. Find out what they are – contact Chesapeake Sleep Center today.

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